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Residential Testimonials

“Thank you and your very competent staff for all of your work on out construction projects. PMC’s efforts helped us get our disorganized contractor back on track and the projects completed. You guys were terrific, and I look forward to working with you again in the future.”
 Michael Manheim  

“Arron served as the project manager on the construction of home in Santa Monica Canyon. Without Arron’s invaluable guidance, expertise, we are confident the cost of our house would have been close to a million dollars more than the final cost. He came onto the project approximately 25% of the way into construction – just as the costs were beginning to spin out of control. Arron promptly renegotiated our contract with our contractor and established a construction schedule that ensured the house would be completed within our original time frame. With Arron acting as an extremely effective and diligent watchdog on our behalf, we slept easier and saved tens of thousands of dollars in the process. He is a tenacious but fair negotiator with a wealth of construction experience from which to draw. We recommend him without reservation.”
Chris Henrikson & Susannah Grant  

“Even though we had remodelled several houses before this project, we still had no understanding of what a huge task it was going to be. Your vast knowledge and experience in the world of architecture, construction, contractors, sub-contractors, state and city approval processes, not to mention potential hazards such as water damage, landscaping, electrical, plumbing…you truly know it all.  And to top it all off, your complete understanding of the entire financial process was beyond invaluable. There is no doubt in my mind that in building a high-end home that is now worth million of dollars, you helped us save at least several hundred-thousand dollars. We will be forever grateful, and we would be happy to talk to any prospective client on your behalf.”
Christopher Harbert  

 “We would still be looking at a hole in the ground without your knowledge of the construction business and your amazing ability to create order out of chaos.  But the reason we’re sitting here today has less to do with brains and experience and more to do with dedication and character. I wonder how many people realize that under that tough exterior lies a heart the size of a cement truck! I know you put a lot more of yourself into this project than any invoice or report would suggest. I saw how you came to really care about our house and how hard you worked to get it done the right way.  It’s nice to be here -- thanks Arron.”
Walter Harrison

“I would like to take this opportunity to let you know how much we respect and appreciate your efforts, and the efforts of Project Management Collaborative, on behalf of the clients with whom we have been mutually involved. There is absolutely no doubt that a critical component of the success of any project, particularly those of a more complex nature, is the coordination and management of all parties involved in the decision making and construction process. We have had the pleasure of working with you and your firm recently on three projects, two in Beverly Hills and one in progress in Encino, of just such a nature. Your efforts in that regard are exceptional. The results on all three of those projects speak for themselves. In particular the Doheny Road project stands out.  We very much look forward to working with you in the future and intend to put every effort towards meeting the high level of expectations you have towards the architectural firms you deal with.”
Geoff Case – Architect/Bardwell Case & Associates, Inc.  

“I would like to express my gratitude at this time for, what I feel, has developed into a good working “together” relationship. I believe the quality of the work done at both the Wilshire condominium and the Arden house are directly the result of your influence. I only wish that the other projects that we are now on and projects that we have done in the past would be as smooth as the ones we have enjoyed with you. Your attention to detail, pursuit of quality and your ability to communicate your client’s wishes from the start of construction to completion is truly a unique and valuable talent.  We look forward to working with you on the Rancho St. project in Encino and a continued quality relationship in the future.”
David Parrish – Kershaw-Parrish Inc., Custom Homes  

“I have had the opportunity to work with Arron on property inspections as well as complex project management matters. I especially appreciate his dedication to seeing that every aspect of each project is carried out as intelligently as can be, with an eye toward the client’s future needs.  Project Management Collaborative continues to provide valued services to my firm and to my clients.”
Mark Friedman – Rigney / Friedman Business Management, Inc.  

“I would like to express my gratitude to Project Management Collaborative for the consistently professional service that you have provided to both my clients and to me.  As you know, I have retained the services of PMC for various estate maintenance and construction supervision projects and have been very happy with the quality of work that you have done. I have recommended you to associates and friends and will continue to do so in the future. Thank you again for everything.”
John Rigney – Rigney / Friedman Business Management, Inc      


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