Why hire PMC

Project Management Collaborative, LLC is here to provide superior, thorough services with the highest level of integrity, and to maintain focus on our clients’ objectives throughout all phases of their projects. Successful in Southern California’s Real Estate and Construction Industry since 1957, Project Management Collaborative, LLC, has become one of the foremost owners representative and project management companies. PMC has a complete range of professional construction management services for commercial, industrial and residential sectors. As OWNER'S REPRESENTATIVES in Construction Management , we provide our clients with experienced and comprehensive management, as this yields the greatest possible benefit to the owner, ensuring our goal of total client satisfaction. Regardless of scope, we begin all of our projects with a thorough analysis of the owners needs.

You are a successful individual within your area of expertise. When you undertake a construction project, you need someone on your team with knowledge of all the varied skills used to design and construct buildings. You need a consulting team of experts such as PMC, who develops the program that provides services that bring clarity in navigating, zoning and entitlement regulations, as well as other local and state development laws and streamline the building permit process by solidifying the link between the various municipality departments. The way forward for your overall project is different from the agendas of the individual design and construction service providers. We recruit and manage the proper group of professionals, by integrating the team members–inspectors, architects, engineers, and other professional service providers and focus them on your goals.

As you can probably sense, we provide a complimentary skill set to the other service providers on your project, and this is why taking the important step of employing PMC is a wise move for the owner. We enjoy having a reputation of saving more money than we take in fees.

Thank you—we’re looking forward to meeting and working with you.

Arron Latt, Managing Partner